The Art created by Kristin Wolfson is multiple dimension expression of wall mounted counter relief with the use of Gold Leaf, acrylic and oil paints. Kristin’s subject matter is a melange between the studies of the exotic and worldly, spanning science and biology to the inspiration of James Audubon and avian studies of exotic varieties. To call Kristin’s work a painting is an underestimate of the underlying use of both additive and subtractive methods accentuating the many arrays and spectrums of color and texture through etching, carving and chiseling creating textures with the precision of a surgeon and master painter.The use of Gold Leaf in Kristin’s works is a catalyst of expression for the multiple dimensional enveloped textures revealing the true reflective nature of Gold. Kristin’s glamorous and elegant works celebrate the many paradoxes of her art including rough vs refined and chaos vs precision through the culmination of these factors Kristin’s works become jewelry for your walls which emanate the natural and raw beauty of Gold and her beautiful subject matter.