New Orleans based Artist, Kristin Wolfson, has created a modern way to cherish your wedding dress forever.  A friend immediately thought of Wolfson when she envisioned presenting her daughter-in-law with a unique piece of artwork on her wedding day.  Wolfson coupled her creativity with her fashion design skills and knowledge of all “Good Things;” being a former assistant of Martha Stewart; to create a life sized wedding dress painting.

The brides dream dress, Vera Wang’s “Diana”, is a work of art in itself that easily translates into a painting.  The swirling bustles of fabric in the ball gown skirt are reminiscent of a Georgia O’Keefe painting.   Wolfson’s vision was to create a statement piece for the couples contemporary home at a bold 48”x60” in acrylic and oil paint.  The artist describes her wedding dress paintings as a modern twist on traditional bridal portraits. Wolfson loves the idea of this painting because it is such a beautiful and romantic memento of your wedding day and a completely unique piece of art that is oh-so-chic!

A wedding dress is a huge investment that is worn for one glorious day and then hibernates in your closet for eternity.  Why not turn it into a statement piece for your home?  It is the perfect luxury bridal gift that will make any bride feel like a celebrity.